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Dear Parents,  Today we learned a few facts about Penguins.  We learned that they are birds but they don't fly, instead, they are good swimmers.  There are many different kinds and sizes of penguins.  We fed a "penguin" ABC fish and we matched an uppercase ABC penguin to a lowercase ABC penguin.  We brought real snow into the classroom and used eyedroppers to pick up colored water and squirt it on the snow.  Some friends had a chance to spray colored water on the snow outside.  Some friends made a penguin craft and other friends painted a block of  "ice".  We walked like penguins using bean bags on our feet and a balloon in between our legs.  We moved around on the scooter on our belly.  We also played hitting games with our balloons and rode on trikes.  We visited the library and listened to a story called The Silly Winter Day. We also listened to a penguin counting book and pictures of how penguins move.  We enjoyed penguin cheese crackers for snack and 3 mini-marshmallow "blocks of ice".  We played a silly game trying to pick up a marshmallow by using a straw.  We had white sand with small ABC letters and scoops and cups in our sensory table. 
Posted by Guest  On Jan 26, 2016 at 7:38 AM