Grade 8

• We have completed the presentations of the Restaurant Culture Project. 
IMP:  You should have handed in/emailed me your draft on Friday, February 1, 2019.
           Friday, February 8, 2019 - Restaurant Cultural Project should have been  handed in.
• By now you should be able to use subject pronouns, direct objects and direct object pronouns in sentences.                                                                   
       • Remember to review 
pp. 222-225. Study Vocabulario 1, pp. 234-237.  Be ready to continue discussing  them in class.

In Spanish, words that end in a, e, i, o, or u add the letter -s  to form its plural form.
 Ex:  verdura - verduras      
If the word ends in a consonant add -es to form its plural form.
 Ex: animal - animales

 You should be able to conjugate verbs ser and estar, pedir, servir, preferir, poder, and probar

 Due: Friday, February 22, 2019

You should be able to comment on food, take orders and make polite requests such as:

¿Qué tal sí pruebas un sándwich de atún?
 Son muy buenos aquí. 

¿Qué prefieres pedir de almuerzo?
Yo prefiero un sándwich de jamón con  queso y una ensalada.
Prefiero un sándwich con jamón y una ensalada.

¿Qué vas a pedir?
Yo voy a pedir _____________. 
 Voy a  pedir ______________.

Continue practicing:
• asking someone's name and saying yours                                           
• introducing people and saying where they are from.                                               •  pronouncing and spelling numbers 0-100 (Refer to pp. 18 and 22)
• giving phone numbers, the time, the date, and the day 
• spelling words and giving e-mail addresses

• • Continue increasing your vocabulary by using "Alan's technique (from FluentU
      -  Before you go into the shower, identify 5 words that you want to learn.
      -  Create a sentence that links those 5 words.
      -  The sentence doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be highly memorable.
      -  Keep repeating that sentence to yourself in the shower.
      -  See if you can remember it until you're done showering.
You'll find that the words are stuck in your head."