In an effort to promote community service and giving back to others, students in K-Gr. 8 are required to perform service for their school, parish and town communities. leaves

Students may work in groups to assist their school, parish and town communities. Students may not receive payment for their work unless the payment is donated to a worthy cause. 

Service hours should be above and beyond what is done in school. The service must be completed by the end of the school year or the student’s final grade will be lowered one full grade.

The service hours required during our school year by grade are as follows:

K-Gr. 2 - 1 hour

Gr. 3-4 - 1 ½ hours 

Gr. 5-6 - 2 hours

Gr. 7 - 3 hours

Gr. 8 - 5 hours

Please complete and submit the form below on or before June 3, 2024. 

Student Service Requirement 2023-2024.pdf