Personalized Learning


    personalized learning    


great minds don't think alike


Wbelieve that all students are created with unique gifts and talents, and that each student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Through the Personalized Learning Initiative, we develop a deep knowledge of every student and personalize instruction to ensure all students achieve both academic and personal goals. We blend the best of our Catholic schools’ long tradition of academic excellence and faith-based moral development with cutting-edge instructional practices and learning technologies.  

Developing Learners

Your students are guided by teachers to gradually assume responsibility for their own learning and development. Teachers work individually with your child to identify, document, and develop their strengths as learners and children of God. Students meet with teachers to set and track progress towards achieving their own personal and learning goals, increasing their capacity for independent and self-guided learning over time.out

Flexible Learning Environment

 Our teachers blend tradition teacher-lead instruction, peer collaboration, and individual learning to help each student realize their maximum potential. This flexible learning environment allows teachers to spend more time working with students individually and in small groups while students spend part of their time learning individually, in groups, and with digital learning platforms. Through this model, students are constantly learning and getting the individualized attention they deserve. 

Computer Adaptive Learning Platforms

compOur students work at their own pace on a data-driven, computer generated tailored to each student's needs. Teachers use this data to create specific skill-based groups for center rotations and provide individualized instruction. This approach allows teachers to identify the level of each student and help move them forward.

Innovation Zones

plOur students collaborate and create in an environment built around a STEM curriculum with focused activities including robotics, coding, design, visual and digital media, and engineering. In the innovation zone, our students are using computer-assisted design software, fabrication tools, programming and controlling robots, producing audio and video, and learning about electrical engineering. Students also learn how to stay safe online while being a moral digital and online citizen.