Bishop Frank J. Caggiano has declared the first Sunday in December will serve as Accountability Sunday. All parishes, schools and certain entities across the diocese will use a standardized accounting reporting model to issue their financial reports.

As reflected in the financial report for St. Mark School, found here, our school is currently in a resourceful position to enrich the learning experiences of our students.  The Net Assets of the School are restricted for strategic planning and emergency use.  This is the first time in a long time the financial health of the school has been healthy.  However, this is primarily driven by one time events that will not reoccur in the future.  As seen in the state of the school, we are still heavily reliant on the generous donations, grants, and fundraising activities that, as a team, we work so hard on.  We are fortunate to have two consecutive years of enrollment growth which we are working hard to maintain.  This is the key to our long term viability.

Our administration is working hard to improve the learning environment for all students.  This includes evaluating and applying for grants to help financially support improvements, upgrading or improving the facilities the students spend their day in, and ensuring teachers have adequate technology and training for the betterment of the students.

Thank you for all you do to make St. Mark School the place it is today and all your efforts to ensure it is a better place in the future.  I look forward to continuing to lead the school along this journey.